You can buy a STAKE / ADVERTISING BLOCK at for $23,880 per unit which pays $5,970 referral fee.

We have MEASURABLE RESULTS as per FAQ #6. This allows BAM to implement our Process for 120 HOUSELESS people! You can also sponsor memberships for $199 each and give them as a Home Based Business to Houseless, Vets, TAY, Parolees, Probationers and others under the guidance of and Please contact Bryan “BAM” Franklin, Founder & CTO of BAM direct at (323) 816-5100 or Bryan(at) if you require more information.

Cause Advertising!

$199 x .01% (In a big Bank) = $.03 / year
$199 x 1 (Homeless that sells an Ad) = You will earn $49.75

$23,880 x 10% (In a higher risk Investment) = $2,388 / year
$23,880 x 120 (120 Homeless that sells an Ad) = You will earn $5,970 / year + Ownership of E-COMMERCE commission*

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